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Welcome To Via Tucci!

Via Tucci - Women's Clothing Boutique in NewhallAs the owner of Via Tucci it is so important to me that my customers understand the origin of the boutique’s name.  Not only is Tucci my maiden name but Via Tucci means “Tucci Way” – captured on a recent trip to Italy chiseled into a stone building in Marzi, my grandfather’s home village.  Finding my family name so beautifully preserved spoke to me for weeks following our trip.  To me the “Tucci  Way” means to dress and feel fantastic – when you find your style and feel  good about yourself you look fantastic from the inside out!! I had stumbled across the perfect Boutique name!

Brand new  to the world of retail, I am following my dream of owning my own business and exploring more and more of the fashion industry.  While I’ve spent the majority of my career working with special needs children and running a non-profit organization, I feel as though all of my experiences have led me to this amazing opportunity.  After moving to CA I quickly found volunteer opportunities to fill my time in a meaningful way.  Originally I was simply a volunteer at The Closet On Main who was sticking close to her non-profit roots while also enjoying the fun associated with “playing store” each week.  As time went on I became more and more confident in the mission of Single Mothers Outreach and the amazing support the Closet on Main was providing.  I have been so fortunate to meet some amazing women and some life-long friends.  These same women have given me the inspiration and the opportunity to actually pursue my dream and start a small business.